Talent Management / Coaching

Within our Talent Management & Coaching practice, we employ a unique approach that we refer to as STAR – Strategy & Talent – Aligning for Results. Utilizing this approach, we are able to readily assist clients in linking their organization’s talent development, retention and management efforts with their overall business vision and strategy. In addition, we help ensure that our client’s plans for managing talent are aligned with and supportive of the execution of their business strategy. Our unique methodology combines the best practices of strategic planning, succession planning and talent management to produce a targeted organizational development plan that solidly aligns talent with strategy.

Please note that the services (as outlined below) in the Talent Management practice are available to clients as a complete suite of services or they can be accessed individually to address specific organizational or employee needs.

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Our Value Is Our People!

In the last ten years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of individuals claiming to be experts in the area of talent management and development. At SLI, we recognize that the abilities required to effectively coach organizations and individuals in their development are not randomly acquired, but rather are the outcome of a focused combination of education and experience.

Understanding this, our talent development practice is founded upon the following principles:

  • Providing professional resources – each of our consultants in this area meets the criteria of having a minimum of seven (7) years of experience in corporate client practice; all of our coaches are members of a registered professional body which establishes standards and provides recourse for clients
  • Integrating research, measurement and best practices into our work in this area
  • Conducting thorough diagnosis before recommending actions
  • Delivering high value, interactive process facilitation that delivers observable and measurable outcomes
  • Achieving the synergy of knowledge and skill by connecting learning experiences to actual development in the workplace
  • Providing clients with the opportunity to obtain a better return on investment from resources invested in individual and organizational assessments