Keynotes and Conference Activities

SLI has a tremendous amount of experience in conducting large group team building games, keynote speeches and group workshops within a client conference setting. Our design team will work with the conference coordinators, media company personnel, and creative directors to ensure your conference learning component and/or keynote speech is themed accordingly and meets desired learning and “fun” objectives as outlined. We specialize in keynote presentations and conference activities within our core practice areas of Sales, Leadership & Team Building and Customer Service. Please contact us for further information on our exciting and experiential conference and keynote options.

Popular Conference Offerings:

Power of Perception
This engaging and interactive keynote explores the question of how impactful perceptions are in our day to day life.  Both our perceptions of situations and people, and their perceptions of us, have an enormous impact on the quality of our interactions and our life.  Audience members will deepen their understanding of perception, understand how to identify and change limiting perceptions, and how to recognize the impact of stress on perception.

Leadership Challenges
Based on years of extensive research by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, published in a best-seller book “The Leadership Challenge”, this keynote delves into five fundamental leadership practices and the ten commitments these practices embody. It explores practical and inspirational lessons for leaders and their constituents in business, government, education, and communities. The key learning is about how extraordinary results can be achieved by ordinary people who believe that opportunities are available to everyone. In other words, even in the world of shrinking workforces, decreasing funding, rising cynicism and rapid-fire technological change, the only limits are those that we place on ourselves!

Presenting For Success
Whether you are involved in large formal presentations, or find yourself presenting information to a small group of clients or employees, you will walk away from this interactive keynote speech highly motivated and confident that you have the tools to deliver concise, spirited presentations. You will learn the four keys to delivering presentations with impact and confidence – Preparing Yourself, Preparing for the Audience, Preparing your Materials and Preparing your Delivery. This engaging presentation will not only WOW! you, but will also teach you practical tips on how you can WOW others when presenting!

Life by Design
We can all have an extraordinary life…by design!  Ordinary people design extraordinary lives all the time – through intent, self talk, and self action!  While sharing a number of real life stories this motivating presentation will inspire audience members to experience life as a series of cycles in which they Build, Do and Transition…extraordinarily!  This presentation has the real secret!

Managing Stress & Conflict
Managing Stress and Conflict In Pursuit Of Work/Life Balance – In today’s busy work environment, many employees are being asked to carry a heavy workload and to do more with less available resources. They are also being challenged to ensure they have “work-life” balance. Sometimes, these objectives seem to be impossible to achieve! This creates stress and conflict! In this spirited keynote speech the audience will explore the concepts of stress and conflict through speaker stories and examples, interactive exercises and discussion. They will also learn strategies to deal more effectively with stress and conflict in their own lives, so that they can work toward achieving the optimal work-life balance for themselves and encourage others to do the same.

Making Customer Connections
Making Customer Connections – All customers are the same – aren’t they?? No they aren’t and all customer related issues are not the same either. What good is a customer service initiative that doesn’t meet your customer’s needs or your organization’s needs. The only effective way to truly determine the customer’s needs and wants is to build appropriate partnerships with customers so they are comfortable telling you all of their requirements, hopes and dreams. In this entertaining, engaging keynote speech, the speaker will use relevant stories and examples to demonstrate the necessity of building great relationships with every one of your unique customers. Audience members will learn tips and techniques to ensure they make the connection with every customer in order to service them in the best interest of the customer and the organization.