Our Clients

At SLI we work with clients across a variety of sectors.  Our work with pharmaceutical, health care, financial services, mining and technology clients has provided us with a significant portfolio of experience, and industry knowledge, in these particular industries.

To provide insight into the types of “Client Projects” we have been involved with in recent years, we have outlined below four projects across different corporate sectors.

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Innovative Go-to-Market Strategy Nets Positive Ongoing Results for Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company

Our client, a large Canadian Pharmaceutical Company, had the need to redefine their go-to-market strategy to ensure continued sales and market share growth. The changing Canadian healthcare environment along with changing customer feedback and access necessitated a novel approach to selling, marketing and supporting current and prospective customers. It was not enough to develop a strategy and implement an approach to address the bottom line, it needed to be done in strict accordance with the Company’s values and vision.

StarFish Learning Inc. (SLI) was engaged as the primary learning and development partner and helped define the strategy, gain buy-in at all levels of the organization and develop the necessary training and tools. To accommodate a national roll-out, SLI also piloted the program to ensure relevance across the country and assist in finalizing all training materials.

In addition to rolling out the go-to-market strategy, SLI also provided support to internal audiences by delivering the learning to Sales, Marketing, Internal Support employees and the Training Department. Company facilitators, designers, managers and internal consultants were trained on how to integrate the concepts and tools in the onboarding programs as well as how to conduct sales and marketing meetings, Senior Leader meetings and all employee meetings. We also worked with internal resources to ensure that the appropriate follow-up, sustainment and metrics were designed and implemented to continue to gain customer and employee feedback for ongoing improvement.

The organization has achieved and surpassed the many objectives set and measured. This initiative is credited as a substantial component that drives their successful results year after year.

Progressive Training Strategies Lift Performance, Help Bio Tech Company Achieve Goal

Our Client, a leading Canadian Bio Tech company, is well known in their specialty area by customers and industry for progressive products and innovative people. They continually strive for improved performance and processes within their organization and with their employees. In a period of changing leadership, growth and staff turnover their strategy called for the implementation of processes and staff development to support their employees at every level of the organization.

StarFish Learning Inc. (SLI) was engaged to help develop and deliver training and learning initiatives to internal support groups as well as Sales and Marketing personnel. In this unique organization, several approaches were implemented, including: one-on-one coaching; real time feedback; in-process change custom workshop design and delivery; and a focus on primary development in alignment with necessary competencies.

With this strategic focus on staff development, tools and systems, this organization realized a lift in performance and was able to focus their resources in areas required for continued achievement of their goals.

Canadian Insurance Company Raises the Bar with Performance Coaching Certification


StarFish Learning Inc. (SLI) was approached by a major Canadian insurance company who was looking for a way to increase leadership skills (specifically coaching skills) of its 160 plus managers across the country. As part of the organization’s mission to be ‘the best place to do business’ in its industry, the senior management team had provided their regional directors across the country with a mandate to spend 40% of their time on people development. Recognizing that not all of the directors and managers in the field would have the skills necessary to make this time as productive as possible, the Company committed to providing an internal certification process. Through this process, all regional directors and their local management teams were provided with skill development in the area of performance coaching.

SLI developed training modules that provided development targeted at one or two of the coaching skills identified in the coaching model. Program content included existing programs from reputable learning organizations and custom built content that was developed by SLI specifically for this client. When existing programs were utilized the content was tailored to meet the specific learning needs of the client group. Client specific case studies and role plays were developed for many of the learning programs.

Given that the intent of the program was to provide internal ‘certification’ to participants, SLI also developed a comprehensive certification protocol which included an assessment of each participant with respect to their ability to effectively and consistently demonstrate the skills developed during the coaching certification program in a real time situation. Program participants who did not ‘pass’ the certification process were provided with additional development to ensure they were able to achieve the targeted development level.

Participants of the coaching certification program felt that what they learned helped them to identify and understand the importance of performance coaching, as the following unsolicited feedback from program participants illustrates:

“The whole StarFish team did an excellent job of working with us, not delivering to us. It was very much learner centered and as a result we all had a lot of “AHA’s”!”

“You (SLI) have already had quite an impact on this organization, and are in a position to really drive the culture to a position of greatness. Thanks for your leadership and work.”

Unique Service-Focused Culture Supported with Customized Training Programs

A leading British real estate development firm was involved in a ground-breaking project to launch a revolutionary workplace environment in west London, U.K. This 33-acre award winning Business Park carries a unique ‘guest focused’ brand with a mission to enhance the well-being and productivity of the 3,000 employees who make up the companies of the business community.

StarFish Learning Inc. (SLI) partnered with this leading UK real estate development firm and from the outset of the project, has proven to be a vital component to building the strength of their organization today.

Working together, it was understood that “To deliver ‘different’ you need to be ‘different’”. This unique project required an organization that was also unique in U.K. property management. SLI provided core strategies of developing the flexible, innovative and service focused culture – from facilitating the establishment of the organization’s truly unique vision and values, to annual training with customized programmes for the entire team, to executive coaching and management development workshops.

Some of the world’s most innovative and profitable companies have chosen this development for their UK headquarters. The service and innovative culture, created early on in the project’s life cycle in partnership with SLI, has been a critical factor in its extraordinary success and global recognition.

Leadership Development – Insurance Sector

In a sector where it’s increasing difficult to diff erentiate yourself based on product or pricing, it’s a company’s people who will create the perceived value difference with customers. This Global insurance provider dec ided to invest in developing their leaders so that they could be better talent c oaches and mentors. In an 18- month role out, SLI worked with the internal team t o create a leadership framework and launch a foundation leadership develo pment program focused on growing the coaching capability of their 450+ leaders.