Our Most Popular Virtual Programs

At SLI we have embraced the shift to virtual learning and development with energy and a commitment to continue to provide engaging and interactive development experiences for our clients! Through working with our content partners, such as Wiley and Blanchard & Associates, and by evolving our own SLI workshops, virtually every program we once delivered ‘live’ can now be done virtually. We have quickly developed expertise in what works and what doesn’t work in a virtual format and have a treasure trove of ideas for engaging, impactful learning.

Below is a selection of our most popular virtual workshops. Please contact us for more information or if there are other programs you see in other areas of the website that interest you, let us know as we are likely able to adapt them for virtual delivery too!

Everything DiSC Workplace – Your people gain personalized insights helping them discover how to connect and work more effectively with others! (2.5 hours or 2 X 2 hours)

Everything DiSC Sales – Help your sales team more effectively adapt to their customers’ preferences and expectations and understand how their strengths and challenges influence their selling behaviours. (2.5 hours or 2 X 2 hours)

Everything DiSC Agile EQ – Combine the personalized insights of DiSC with active emotional intelligence development to discover a more agile approach to workplace interactions. (2.5 hours or 2 X 2 hours)

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team – Ongoing team development is even MORE important in a virtual world – let this world-renowned program help you to build a truly cohesive and effective team. (2 X 2 hours)

Selling Virtually – Enable your salespeople to adapt and thrive in a virtual selling environment! (3 X 2 hours with intersession assignments – tailored to your Sales environment)

Executive / Leadership Coaching – One to one coaching by our certified coaches for high potential leaders in your organization. (12 hours over 6 months – optional 360 assessments available)

Self-Leadership (Blanchard & Associates – B&A) – Create a workforce of self-leaders to power your organization! Arm your individual contributors with the self-leadership mindset and skillset. (3 X 2 hours synchronous for groups; 2.5 hours asynchronous for individuals)

Challenging Conversations (B&A) – This workshop provides participants with a flexible 5 step model that will enable them to have effective conversations in the most challenging, intense or emotionally charged situations. (2.5 hours)

SLll Experience (B&A) – Understand how the SLII approach allows you to partner with those you lead; have the ability to identify development levels and provide the leadership style that is the match. (3 X 2-hour sessions)

Building Trust (B&A) Understanding what behaviours lead to high trust is the first step in developing high trust with others. This engaging workshop teaches people how to build trust, and if it’s been broken, how to repair it. (2.5 hours synchronous for groups; 35 minutes asynchronous for individuals)

SLI Enhancing Your Virtual Skills Workshops – Presenting, designing, and facilitating virtually are distinctly different skills than doing these things in person. Let our experienced associates help your team develop the skills and behaviours that will enable them to ‘virtually excel’!

  • SLI X Factor Virtual Facilitation (3 X 2-hour sessions with intersession assignments)
  • SLI Designing for Virtual Facilitation (2 X 2-hour sessions with intersession assignments)
  • SLI Presenting Virtually with Ease (3 X 2-hour sessions with intersession assignments)
  • SLI Delivering Engaging Virtual Presentations (3 x 3-hour sessions with intersession assignments)