Our Difference

At SLI, we pride ourselves in four points of difference:

    • Gold Standard Facilitation – Our facilitators are the best! Their passion for learning, extensive business experience and commitment to helping people achieve their potential, shines through in every intervention and every interaction. All of our facilitators go through extensive certification processes for each and every program we offer. In addition, they are all coached in our own proprietary “X” Factor Facilitation skills program.
    • End-To-End Solutions – While we believe there is a time and a place for event-based learning, we are strongly committed to the philosophy that learning needs to be connected to business goals and objectives and that assessment, transfer and measurement are key elements of any successful learning strategy. We have an end-to-end approach that is utilized in all three of our practice areas:
    • We Know Your Business – At SLI, we put just as much emphasis on understanding your business and it’s industry as we do on understanding your company’s learning needs. By focusing ourselves in specific business sectors and by recruiting SLI resources that possess experience in those sectors, we have a depth of industry knowledge that is unparalled.
    • Learner-Centered Approach – Our learner-centered approach inspires people to take the steps necessary to make that difference and positively impact your organization and your customers. Our learning programs are designed using adult learning principles and incorporate large doses of interaction, experience and fun!